Plan and patronage

Theme of the first day (only open to the guests invited) ”Legislation and Training:
standard language for communication from Man to Man”

Unesco head office, Galleria del Primaticcio, Piazza di Firenze 27

The topic of the first day for the lectures is proposing a legislative and training common language and finding out some points of contact to communicate effectively between us in the “network”. We strongly believe that in a very close day we could share the same legislation and training.

Theme of the second day (open to the general public) ”Naturopathic Semeiotics:
biological standard language for communication between Nature and Man”

SAPIENZA ROME UNIVERSITY Aula Magna di C.T.F., Piazzale Aldo Moro 5

The main topic of the second day of the Congress will also focus on a standard language, but mostly on the “universal language chosen by Nature to communicate with Mankind”: Naturopathic Semeiotics. It is the common basis of Naturopathy in the world. Naturopathic Semeiotics as the study of the signs. Like precious signs, because they are detector of the history, of the past and of the “living” of Man and so they can indicate the future state of health. Every medical philosophy has given to us an inestimable heritage in this field. We can start speaking on the peculiar experiences about the Naturopathic Semeiotics in each country and how the Naturopath use it for its profession.

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